Darkest Diary

Dear Diary

I am not gone life is just hectic. I am hoping stuff clams down soon.

My daughter is driving her teachers and class insane.

My son is having difficulty finding a job.

I am trying to find a decent psychologist for my daughter. Spider tattoo guy was a total fail.

Olivia (the invisible friend) is terrorizing the house and school.

I finally got out of the house yesterday. I got to do shopping and pay bills. Exciting.

I just don't feel like recording the insane crap.

I'll give a real update when things smooth over.

Sorry about the disabled comments, but there isn't really anything for anyone to say about this.

Dear Diary


I called the case worker this morning, and guess what? Her mailbox was full and taking no more messages. That's it, time to get extreme. I called the department directly to see what was going on with all that. A nice lady who was very cheerful and fun to talk with went ahead and gave me my interview and sent it in to the state herself. She has no idea what was up with the caseworker not calling anyone back. It seemed a bit odd to her too. I am very glad that burden is taken care of. Now I just have to wait for the processing to finish. That wont take as long as waiting on that phone call did.

Now to be able to go out and pay my bills! I am excited about going out to pay my bills as I haven't gotten out of the house in two weeks waiting on that phone call! Maybe a nice walk later too, that would be fun!

I watched the movie 'Big Sky' yesterday. I mention it because it was good, despite Netflix saying I wouldn't like it. Two masked gunmen attack a woman and her agoraphobic daughter as they travel by van to a treatment facility. The agoraphobic daughter has to leave the van and travel for help. Her struggle and what she went through to face that fear inside of her was nicely done. It seems like it got bad newspaper reviews, but I seldom agree with those anyway.

I finished watching season 2 of 'The 100'.

Also, I just finished watching 'South Park - Tweek x Craig', it's the yaoi episode, where some parents discover that 'Japan makes people gay'. Very cute and funny episode.

Time to go do things.

Dear Diary

I am still waiting and waiting for that case worker to call. It's annoying because I can't leave the house during the day while waiting by the phone. All I can do is look out my window and wait for night to fall before I can do things.

One of my waits is over. I bought my daughter a refurbished computer online and it got here within a week! She is very happy. It is a Dell Optiplex 760 Core 2 Duo 2.80GHz- 4GB- HDD 250GB DVD/RW- Windows 7-64bit, and I paid $60 for it. Perfect for a kid, as kids tend to tear thing up and be harsh on them. It was Windows Professional so I had to put the 'games' part on manually, but everything is fine and running. I am putting some anti-virus anti-spyware stuff on it now.

I gave her, her own account on the computer, and password locked an administration account so I control the programs and the content. That way she can't mess it up too badly.

The keyboard and mouse I had laying around didn't work because, Ashley agreed to use her Christmas money to go buy new ones, and I bought her speakers, I also bought her a large oversized stuffed horse, but still, she used her money to buy something for her computer, and I thought that was cool!

I did manage to go by the bank last night and get some money out for the bills this month. Tomorrow night I can go pay some stuff. I wish that lady would call, I hate having my life on hold like this.

The phone rang while I was typing this. I got all excited, but no, it was a reminder that 'Flu season is about, and I can go get me flu shot at---' I don't know where I can get it, I hung up the phone.

I've been watching 'The 100' again.

I caught up with 'Game of Thrones' on CouchTuner EU. It seems to be the only place now that doesn't attack my computer. I tried a couple other places but my computer was attacked on episode 2. I had to manually shut my computer down as it locked my entire computer. I came back on scanned everything. Computer is safe, but it still gets annoying. CouchTuner EU worked great as you watch the stuff at the sight and don't get sent all over to listings that may or may not be what you want to watch.

Movies I watched recently were:

'Brick Mansions' a great action packed movie.

'Invisible Sister' it's cute, one sister makes the other one invisible and has to fix it.

'Exeter' typical teens trapped in asylum movie, has a twist ending that wasn't much of a twist as I already had it figured out. Pretty stupid but entertaining.

'Housebound' another horror movie, but more of a thriller then actual horror. A good watch.

'Gun Hill Road' a drama about family situations. a predictable but acceptable ending.

'Eastern Boys' A French film, but fairly decent as far as French films go. This older man befriends a young Russian Immigrant after the young man and his gang rob the older man.

'We Need to Talk About Kevin' about a kid that attacks kids at his school. Not to bad of a start, but taking down a gym of people with a recurve bow, it made the story completely unbelievable. The kid would have been rushed no matter how fast he strung those arrows on that bow.

'Burying the Ex' A funny movie, a guys obsessive ex girlfriend comes back as a Zombie.

David Bowie died, very sad. I don't think I can remember a time when I didn't listen to his music. As he has been singing my whole life. Just after he released his last album. I normally don't put videos on here, but this David Bowie and this was his last video.
Darkest Diary

Dear Diary

Waiting, that has been what my life has been about since January 4th. I am waiting and waiting for my case worker to call back. Everyday, I get up in the morning and I call. I sometimes call again at noon and then three, which seems to be the closing time call, wait, call, wait. I can't go out and do anything, because I have got to stay by the phone in case she calls.

On a happier note daughter’s disability went through for another two years. Why only two years you might ask? Well, apparently someone mentioned she could improve over that time? Improve? I love my daughter, but she isn't capable of having conversation, she can't cross the street alone, and can't even dress herself. Although I got her putting her own shoes on this year! I wish she would make a complete recovery, that would be super, but that is just not going to happen. Well, I'll just do this again in two years.

Crazy stuff happened, yesterday afternoon, while I am sitting by the phone, and waiting. It rings. I jump at the phone. It's my daughter’s teachers. They are worried because she developed an imaginary friend. An imaginary friend? They are worried about this? I can think of far more things to worry about then an imaginary friend. Doesn't it show creativity to have an imaginary friend? They should have been more upset about her throwing her desk yesterday in class, but nope, the imaginary friend.

Because I was stuck by the phone, waiting. I had to send my son to get his sister. He is on the list to pick her up, but he hasn't had to do it since we got the new bus driver.

He came back with her and remarked. "That was easy, they just handed her off to me."

About ten minutes later, after I have changed my daughter from school uniform, I get a phone call. "This is the bus driver, some guy claiming to be her brother just picked your daughter up at the bus stop."

I really tried not to laugh, as I told the bus driver that yes, her brother picked her up, and she is home safe, and her brother is authorized to pick her up. Of course there is this concern now that they would hand my child over to anyone. I have always worried a bit about that. Now I can see that I had a bit of a cause to worry.

I was going to write more about movies I watched lately, and other stuff, but honestly all this waiting has me a bit anxious. I am lucky I sputtered this much out in a journal entry.

Dear Diary

I went to the zoo today.

Going to change psychologist for Ashley, there has been no improvement with her behaviour.

I don’t feel so well.

Not much of an update other then the pictures that I took.

Zoo 001.JPG

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I hope that you enjoyed the animals.

Dear Diary

I did nothing constructive yesterday, and it was great!

I got up in the morning and thought to myself, "I want to find a jungle temple." I found all the other temples in Minecraft but never a jungle temple! It's all those trees they make it difficult to find. After searching for awhile I think to myself, "I am going to blow up some trees in creative, maybe I can see a temple then." That did not work. I did in up with a huge tunnel going through a hill. I gave up. Went back to survival mode and just randomly walked shimmying up vines and walking on trees. Guess What? I found one! My first Jungle Temple!

I did do a bit of room cleaning when I needed a break from the computer. I didn't go through all my drawers yet. I need to decide what to keep and what to toss and what to give away. I buy some things that never even get the labels taken off them. For some reason the item looked like it was a good idea in the store and then I get it home and think, "I'll wear it to something something." Then, it's time for 'something something' and I decide on an entirely different thing to wear. Eventually labelled clothing ends up buried in the back of the drawer under more favourite clothing. Then I find it and think one of two things "Oh, this is cool, where did I get it, I could rock this." or I think "WTF! Did I buy this? Did it just spawn here? This is Fugly! Away with you Fugly clothing item."

I also made Steak, cauliflower, and corn for everyone's dinner last night. It was a boring meal, but I couldn't think of anything exciting to cook. I need recipes for the new year of different things to try. It can't be too healthy though, or my family accuses me of trying to kill them. Seriously, they do. I want to eat healthier this year, always a good resolution but at the same time I have to cook for people that hate when I cook healthy. I should tell them to buy their own food if they don't like to eat healthy!

I need to make more icons, I am getting bored with the few I have. I am picky. I'll have to find just the right ones that make me happy. I am just running out of things to chose from when I go to post my entry.

I can't think of anything else to write.

Dear Diary

Holidays Card.gif

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday!

I'll be around off and on all day, if anyone feels like they need to vent, talk or whatever over the holidays, just drop me a message or post it here, I want everyone to have a great day, and as the sugar plum fairy I make certain everyone stays in good cheer! Play it safe, and be good to each other! :D